Pirates Bay
This bay is about a 15 minute hike from the village. The route takes you up a hill and down 158 stairs. Alternatively, for a few dollars, a boatman can take you to and from the bay. Pirates bay is said to have rejuvenating powers and a must visit!
There are beautiful reefs along the left and right side of the bay and the snorkeling is fantastic (turtles, morays, squid…). Pack your snorkel gear!

Boat Tours
Along the Man O’ War bay you can find boat-men who can take you on a tour to Lover’s Bay, Pirates Bay, Speyside or other nearby bays.

There are diving operators available locally or over the hill in the village of Speyside. Diving trips are available to the nearby islands, including Little Tobago, St. Giles, and the Sisters Reef. Manta trips can take you to many other exciting areas!

Rainforest Hiking
Starts on your doorstep at Bella Vista! Hike up to Flagstaff Hill, Fort Cambleton and a 19.3km walk to L’Anse Fourmi.

Argyle Waterfall
At 54 meters, and from 3 levels, Argyle is Tobago’s highest waterfall. The waterfall is accessed after a 15-20 minute walk through tropical foliage and cascading bamboos. There is an entrance and a guide fee. Located outside Roxborough.