The Village of Charlotteville

  • Fruit and vegetable vendor in the village

Charlotteville is the most picturesque of villages in Tobago. It is isolated by the mountains to the south and a narrow winding road to the west, the quiet village nestles on steep cliffs above the deep blue Man O’ War bay. The village remains unspoiled and pristine with little development. About a 5-10 minute walk from Bella Vista, there are beach facilities and a restaurant offering local cuisine for lunch. For local music at night, there is a beach club along the shore and you may enjoy drinks and a bite to eat. About a 15 minute hike from the village, is the Pirate’s Bay, a secluded and glorious bay!

Beyond and to the west, is the Windward Road, curving and mountainous as it winds through the deep green of the rainforest. It is well-paved and worth the 1 hour 20 minutes drive along the Atlantic coast line. The jungle floor is a carpet of soft green vegetation, with orchids and bromeliads growing from towering trees. From Scarborough to Roxborough to Speyside enjoy the sights and stop by for local fare along the several villages on the route.