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Having always had a strong commitment to the environment, Nirala Sonder made that commitment her focus when she started EarthSplash.

EarthSplash firmly believes that:

  • The quality of our environment is directly linked to our health
  • We pay an environmental / health cost for our conveniences; our actions influence our environment
  • We all have a responsibility to maintain a small footprint
  • Everyone needs to avoid the unnecessary, the unwanted and the excessive

While these can be regarded as “common” or “clichéd” statements, Nirala has taken her beliefs into action. She runs EarthSplash based on these principles. EarthSplash maintains the lowest necessary amount of packaging, avoids chemicals and utilizes the local economy to avoid excessive transportation.

She currently sits on the City of Kitchener’s Environmental Advisory Committee (since 2001) and on the City of Waterloo’s Environmental Advisory Committee (since 2006). She has also worked on the City of Kitchener’s 2006 Air Quality Report.

The articles presented in this PDF give insight into her passion for bettering the environment.

We at EarthSplash encourage you to explore the benefits of a true all-natural skin care product.