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Plant Oils vs. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is an inactive, dead substance that is incompatible with living tissue. Mineral oil lies on the skin and forms an enclosing film. In exceptional cases, medicine uses this property to treat certain skin ailments. In daily care, mineral oil inhibits the natural breathing and regeneration of the skin. Due to this, there are many skin conditions associated with the use of mineral oil-based products. Dry skin is the most common example.

The cycle of dry skin can be broken with all-natural skin care products that are plant-oil based. Plant oils contain active ingredients that support the multiple functions of the skin. An all-natural skin care product supplies nourishing plant ingredients to stimulate and restore the skin's natural balance and protection.


Long shelf lives are achieved by formaldehyde-releasing chemical compounds, such as Diazolidinyl-Urea or by benzoates and parabens. Your skin is in constant exchange with its environment. Chemicals may quickly find their way into your bloodstream. Preservatives have been linked to serious skin conditions. In contrast, EarthSplash focuses on contaminant control and plant extracts to enhance shelf life.

Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic fragrances can cause headaches and skin irritation. Essential oils are plant or flower extracts and have been used in the ancient art of aromatherapy to improve health and well being.

Synthetic Colour

Vivid colouring agents that are deposited on your skin have been linked to asthma, eczema or allergic reactions. EarthSplash products may contain plant ingredients such as henna, spinach powder or lemon peel for colour.

Cruelty Free

EarthSplash products are not tested on animals.

Vegetarian / Vegan Lifestyle

Many EarthSplash products are compliant with a vegan lifestyle. Look for the symbol.

Clear Labeling

All ingredients are clearly listed on the product label. INCI listings are available as hand-outs and on our website.

Minimal Packaging

To preserve valuable resources and reduce our environmental footprint, EarthSplash strives to keep packaging to its necessary minimum to assure product quality. You will not find multiple shrink-wrapped layers that are worthy of a "clam-shell award".