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The hand cream is outstanding. My son's hands were all better after 2 days of using it. Thanks so much for introducing me to these fabulous products.

- Gabrielle, Waterloo

I have some positive feedback. First of all, my husband has given two thumbs up to the shampoo - he thinks it is absolutely fabulous. Guess that's about it for now - except to say, you have another very satisfied customer in me - and I am not always an easy person to please! I am loving the soap and the face cream.

- Claudia, Kitchener

As part of my skin care regime I started using the face moisturizer day and night. Soon noticed that the redness from rosacea was less obvious. Also, friends comment that my skin is looking better.

- Ann, Waterloo

I bought some products as gifts for my mother. I am so in love with them, I don't even want to give them away anymore. Showering with the Lavender Soap is just amazing.

- Maca, Waterloo

I recently purchased your lavender soap bar, the grapefruit face cream, the citron and coco-mint lip balms at my local health food store. I like your products and I'm wondering if you have an online store that I might be able to purchase more products. My health food store only carries a small number of your products and I would like to purchase more! I prefer to buy Canadian and healthy products and your company is both!

- Debbie, Kitchener

Cool feet eliminate the need to use a foot scrub or cuticle softener. It's all in one! This is how it works for me!!!

- Nandanee, Waterloo, ON